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Connect, Collect, Transform

Discover the benefits of real-time data analytics for you to take real-time actions. Future-proof your organization and improve operational efficiency with predictive and actionable energy insights.

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The IoT platform extracts large amount of raw data and send it to a centralized board. It connects, collects, transforms, and analyzes data from different sources to improve productivity, avoid a possible and expensive downtime and significantly reduce costs. Get valuable insights and make smart decisions based on real-time data.



The platform grows with your company! If you choose to deploy some modules in the first stage, you can always add some more resources to the system. Within the same platform, you can later add an unlimited amount of data to be measured from different kinds of equipment. Develop new measurement and analysis projects with the same licensed software.



QLEAP platform has been developed to serve the needs of any kind of business. From a small office company to an industrial park with numerous buildings and equipment, the platform fits it all. The dashboards can be customized depending on the company’s requests, monitored equipment and values to be measured.

Connecting devices, data, people

Accelerate digital transformation and achieve sustainability management through our unified platform. Make your path to a fully connected organization and enjoy efficiency and performance at improved costs.

Use Cases

Smart Energy

Monitor and streamline energy consumption

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor assests’ operation and prevent downtime.

Smart Office

Optimize resource consumption and boost productivity.

Building Management System

Integrated management of all the installations in the building.

Smart metering

Connect, collect, and transform data from sensors to analyze resource consumption.

Smart Retail

Customer flow, smart security and supply chain analyzed in the IoT platform.

Air Quality Monitoring

Monitor and analyze indoor and outdoor air quality.

Fleet Management

Real-time visibility into the vehicle’s location, speed, fuel usage, and more.

Medical IoT

Monitor medical equipment and patients’ condition.

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