KMR - Keep the Machine Running

Discover a modern system for managing the flow of equipment and machinery maintenance activities in a factory, company or office building.

Types of maintenance strategies

Preventive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Corrective maintenance

With seamless communication, scalability, and interoperability at its core, the platform empowers businesses to harness the full potential of the Internet of Things. From collecting and analyzing data to enabling smart decision-making and automation, the IoT platform is your key to unlocking innovation, efficiency, and a smarter tomorrow.

Data management and analysis

Equipment operating time


Cost and stock control

QLEAP KMR schedules maintenance on a recurring basis and makes sure that adequate resources are available when needed. Thereby you do not need to purchase extra stocks or wait for an equipment to fail.

Business continuity

Shutting down equipment, especially in production, can cost millions of dollars and hundreds of lost customers. According to the Ponemon Institute, every minute of downtime costs an average of $9,000, so the cost per hour can reach over $500,000.

Full control of workload and tasks

QLEAP KMR improves workflow and efficiency by allowing you to schedule, assign and close work orders quick and easy. You can prioritize tasks and track work orders in real-time.

Sustainability & Responsability

QLEAP KMR analyzes all kind of data so your equipment will work properly, for your business and for the planet. Any defective equipment not only slows down the workflow, but also leaves a significant mark on the environment.

Safe Working Environment

Regular preventive maintenance routines will reduce failure rates and lead to a safer working environment. Hazards can be easily detected as data gathered by the sensors will provide valuable information.

Predictive Maintenance

The IoT platform can analyze data to predict when equipment or devices are likely to fail. This allows organizations to perform maintenance proactively, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Measurement and monitoring of KPIs

  • Maintenance management activity
  • Technicians’ activity
  • Specific reporting
  • Budget control
  • Consumables control
  • Equipment activity & values

Innovation that creates opportunities

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