4 criteria to be considered in choosing a system for managing energy consumption and utilities in organizations

Energy efficiency has become a topic of interest for companies due to rising prices. From the first price fluctuations, those who are part of the management of companies had to find the most advantageous ways to control energy and, after many markets analyses carried out, decided that the implementation of an EMS system is essential.

The EMS or Energy Management System is a software that enables companies to monitor, control, and reduce energy and utilities consumption. It is essential for those who want to purchase such software to understand the criteria that must be considered in choosing an Energy Management System.

How to choose an energy and utilities management system

Company’s needs

The company’s needs are the main criterion that decision makers must consider before choosing an EMS system. Before purchasing an energy management system, it is essential for organizations to carry out a needs analysis to understand: the amount of energy resources and utilities used, the company’s objectives in relation to reducing energy consumption and the complexity of energy-using activities. This analysis will determine what functionalities the company needs from an EMS system.

Energy efficiency

Achieving objectives related to reducing the amount of energy is only possible by implementing a high-performance energy optimization system. It is essential that those who purchase such a system obtain from the supplier an average reference to the amount of energy they can reduce in a certain period of time with implementation of this energy management software. On average, EMS systems can reduce energy consumption by 3.65%.


The compatibility of the energy optimization system is a factor that must be considered when purchasing EMS software. It must be easy to integrate with other systems in the organization, such as: SCADA, ERP, CRM etc. and helps organizations migrate data from those platforms faster to the EMS solution.

Cost and ROI

Investing in energy monitoring software is cost-effective in the long run. EMS systems monitor in real time the parameters dedicated to electricity and utilities used in daily activities by a company. They detect any extra resource consumption and send notifications to responsible staff so that they can intervene in the shortest time.


In the process of purchasing an energy and utilities monitoring system you must consider the criteria mentioned above to make the best choice for the company you belong to. With the implementation of an EMS system, the energy efficiency staff can make beneficial decisions to increase the profitability of the business.

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