Sustainability depends on each of us

Climate change has transformed the business environment, so sustainability has become a vital part of the long-term development of companies.

Sustainability creates shared values and opportunities for all industries that want to achieve their business goals without having a negative impact on the planet.

Our goal is to help companies achieve their goals and become much more aware of the positive impact they can have on the environment through digitization.

However, change must start from each individual, even through small actions, but with major long-term impact. Thus, Quartz Matrix employees aligned their personal values with the company goal by implementing CSR campaigns.

What we do within the company to have a positive impact on the environment and implicitly on the community:

We collect and recycle plastic caps

The plastic caps are made of a different plastic than the PET itself, so they must be removed before being thrown into the yellow container, so that there are no difficulties in the recycling process. Plastic lids are small and it is easy to ignore the huge impact they have on the environment: according to recent studies in 2020, the production of plastic lids globally reaches 400 million tons/year.

Starting from 2019, we started collecting plastic caps separately and directing them to Caps with soul, a project that aims to revalue plastic caps by selling them to specialized companies and distributing the amounts obtained to various humanitarian cases.

Recently we organized a competition among colleagues, those who collected the most caps were rewarded with sustainable prizes. In this contest alone, we collected 4291 caps.

We recycle old brochures and internal materials

With the update of the internal brochures, we decided to recycle the old materials making different objects that later gave a personal touch to the gifts we gave on different occasions.

In 2022, on the occasion of the Winter Holidays, we organized a handmade workshop and made globes that we gave to customers and partners and with which we decorated our Christmas trees within the company;
In 2023, on International Women's Day, we surprised the clients, partners and employees of Quartz Matrix with flowery greetings, made by the Marketing department.

We get involved in social campaigns

We know that a donation or a gift does not change lives, but we want to believe that the smiles and emotions we share with each other have the power to change a little the world and the lives of those in need.
Thus, for more than 10 years we have been supporting the work of those at Star of Hope through therapy grants for children with disabilities and the redirection of profit tax.

Last year we also joined their "Change a destiny through art" campaign and held a painting workshop called "Cheerful Tuesday" at Quartz Matrix. Participation in the workshop was based on donations, the money obtained being transformed into therapy hours for the little ones.

Together with Grupul Zâmbetul Nostru Association:

In 2022, I answered instead of Santa Claus to the letters written by children from families with precarious financial situations from the village of Rediu, Iași, and fulfilled their wishes;
In 2023 we prepared packages for the Easter meal to give to the disadvantaged elderly in the village of Schitu-Duca, Iași.

We support local producers and social enterprises

Depending on the events we organize and the opportunities we have, we choose products from local producers and social enterprises:

On the occasion of the Holidays, we chose to offer sustainable gifts from OilRight, a social enterprise that makes candles from recycled edible oil, or from Lavanda Laurai, a local manufacturer that makes cosmetic products from natural ingredients;
During the events we organize, we surprise our guests with culinary delights and tastings from various local producers such as Palibo, Meat Concept Store or Jassyro.

We encourage employees to behave responsibly

We constantly educate our employees on the best practices they should adopt at work and beyond, so that their behavior has a positive impact on the environment and implicitly on their own lives.
We provide them with special containers to store waste selectively and encourage them to behave sustainably in relation to the choices they make every day.

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