Accelerating Digital Transition in Health

Digital transformation is the objective around which we work day by day and through which we want to integrate technology in the key fields of society in small but consistent steps: health, education, industry, administration, etc.

We will be present at the Accelerating Digital Transition in Health event, dedicated to accelerating the digital transformation of health services in the Northeast Region, organized on June 9-10, 2022 at the Rubik Hub headquarters in Piatra Neamț by ADR Nord-Est and the Vanguard Initiative. The event is part of the “Science meets Regions” program and is coordinated by the Joint Research Center (JRC).

The voice of Quartz Matrix will be represented by Bogdan Bălănică, manager of the Research and Development department, who through a pitching session organized on the first day of the conference – June 9 – will introduce our internally developed digitization solutions, and on the next day – June 10 – will be part of the debate on the interoperability of medical data at regional, national and European level.


The “Science meets Regions” program is defined by three major objectives:

  • facilitating the digital transition
  • the implementation of specific mechanisms to reduce the negative effects produced by the pandemic on society
  • stimulating interregional collaboration to solve problems of common interest at the European level

To accelerate the digital transformation of health services, an effective and transparent collaboration between managers of health organizations, representatives of the medical industry, public authorities, but also researchers, specialists, and innovators is necessary, so that we can find and implement the best solutions for the problems current issues faced by medical staff and patients alike.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital deficiencies of the medical sector have become even more pronounced, and the safety and security of patients and medical personnel are being endangered. For this reason, Quartz Matrix brings to the fore the importance of using digital transformation for healthcare organizations in Romania. In fact, since 2020 we are proud of the status of a member of the Smart Health Cluster Association with which we share the same goal – to bring modern technologies as close as possible to medicine.

Invitations are open to all actors interested in bringing a change in the regional medical system, from managers of hospitals and medical clinics, specialists, creators of innovative digital solutions, and local public authorities, to members of civil society involved in actions of this type. Details, the full agenda of the event, and registrations can be found on the website of the North-East Regional Development Agency:

It is the second event dedicated to health that Quartz Matrix participates in this period, after the National Conference for the Digitalization of the Medical Sector on May 26, 2022.