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Air Quality & Energy Consumption

QLEAP enables campus authorities and community to get a clear and detailed view of the air quality and the amount of energy needed by different services. This makes it possible to identify the main energy consumption sources and set priorities in order to optimize their behavior and also set alarms when the air pollution exceeds certain limits.

Smart Transportation

Smart transportation through the monitoring of traffic dynamics could be employed to monitor real-time traffic flow, parking lots availability, prediction of possible traffic jams, discovery of traffic accidents, and alarms of improper driving behaviors.

Smart Security

Our IoT solution enables campuses to connect different security technologies to provide real time data and alerts in case of any threat. IoT sensors can detect any movement or unusual activity and send notifications to the central system. Campuses can also use smart locks that can be opened using a smartphone or other device.

Benefits of QLEAP ENEF

Control and performance

ENEF performs operations through several protocols, such as DALI protocol. The proper heating and lighting control is essential in delivering the right environment, reducing operating and maintenance costs, and meeting the goals of your campus master plan. Also, ENEF can help Facility Managers predict patterns based on seasonality.

Sustainable practices

The possibility of a detailed view on energy consumption and utilities, by cost centers, allows us to become more aware of excessive consumption. At the same time, by observing consumption trends, we can find ways to optimize it. This way, not only do we save money, but, at the same time, we reduce the level of pollution.

Budget efficiency

The possibility of an accurate view of all consumption in a campus allows the creation of a budget that can be divided into cost centers. Compliance with the initial budget allows you to track and report progress and set achievable consumption goals.

Benefits of QLEAP KMR

Time & Money

A recent study estimated that the ROI from using preventive maintenance procedures versus traditional maintenance is 545%. When we are talking about campuses, we refer to considerable investments of resources. Using KMR you can have a clear view on each maintenance expense for each building/classroom/equipment/room/etc.

Smart & Green

Any equipment malfunction can produce a lot of discomfort and CO2 emissions. Also, because the maintenance works as planned, waste, for example, on incorrectly used materials is reduced, which leads to increased environmental sustainability.

Secure data & Global control

Through KMR you can get an overview of all the equipment integrated in the system, but also separately on buildings, specific equipment or various areas of interest. Data integrated in the software is accessible exclusively to users in the system, through a secured account.

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