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Control & Safety

IoT provides critical metrics and allows monitoring and control of production in real time. This allows easy replication of production processes, enhances safety, automatic auditing and just in time problem solving.

Prevent downtime

IoT performs predictive maintenance by calculating equipment vibrations, surrounding temperature, acceleration, displacement and sound frequencies to detect whether they are operating in optimal conditions.

Quality control

IoT sensors help companies to collect data which can determine what products correspond to their quality standards. This is very important for manufacturers who must meet standards, such as ISO or GMP.

Benefits of QLEAP ENEF

Budget Control

With ENEF consumption limits can be set based on production efficiency and investments can be allocated to different cost centers for increased control of budget distribution.

Reduced CO2 footprint

Industry is known as one of the biggest polluters globally. By controlling the consumption of energy resources and utilities, you also reduce the CO2 emissions by operating only the necessary processes.

Choose energy efficient equipment

Defective equipment consumes up to 3 times more energy compared to those that work in optimal parameters. ENEF can tell if a piece of equipment consumes more and needs to be replaced.

Benefits of QLEAP KMR

Accurate budgeting

Maintenance scheduling is made based on a historic. The annual maintenance budget will be as accurate as possible and spare parts will be ordered in the necessary quantity.

Predictive maintenance

KMR collects data that will be used to predict when a new maintenance should be performed. Also, maintenance teams are alerted before any damage occurs, providing optimal business continuity.

Smooth workflow

For a 360° business view, smooth processes and optimal workload, tickets from the system can be easily allocated to selected user profiles. The status and duration of an action can also be tracked in real time.

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