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Better control

IoT Module can control the workplace conditions ( such as: temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality etc). IoT sensors can detect the presence or absence of employees in a particular perimeter and send specific commands to the central data interpretation system.

Improved employees experience and optimized costs

Integrated IoT sensors monitor office activities and employees. All data is available in a single interface, from any device. This allows informed decision making and raises awareness of the issues that need to be better managed.

Improved safety and data protection

By monitoring the company assets, the protection of all data becomes much easier. Also, it ensures an increased level of employee safety with motion sensors that detect irregularities and can send alarms.

Benefits of QLEAP ENEF

Increased employees productivity

With ENEF consumption limits can be set based on production efficiency and investments can be allocated to different cost centers for increased control of budget distribution.

Cost control & innovation

Industry is known as one of the biggest polluters globally. By controlling the consumption of energy resources and utility, you also reduce the CO2 emissions by operating only the necessary processes.

Reduce the carbon footprint

According to the International Agency of Energy, office buildings generate up to 30% of global energy consumption, and up to 40% of carbon emission. Studies show that an energy management system can reduce up to 10% of the global energy consumption until 2040.

Benefits of QLEAP KMR

Contractual compliance

Renting any office space requires a contract with various contractual conditions. KMR ensures optimal equipment performance and the certainty of business continuity, without any unexpected downtime.

Efficient workflow

You can access KMR by using a user profile. The implementation of KMR allows managers to assign digital tickets for both technicians and tenants, and have a detailed view on every request or task.

Less costs

Through predictive maintenance managers can work with their budget in advance and allocate it efficiently, based on cost centers. This leads to proper maintenance, fewer breakdowns and fewer emergency equipment replacement.

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