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Tracking parameters & real time notifications

Monitoring parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality can help food suppliers to better manage their shipping and storage of perishable goods and avoid any dangers (smoke, break-ins or increased CO2 levels) through real time alerts.

Supply chain and inventory management

Supply chain managers have real-time access to product and material flow information, determining the safety and proper conditions for materials. Also, direct synchronization of physical assets with database servers helps retailers optimize and adjust quantity, resulting in a reduction in stock-outs and overstocking.

Customer experience & sales growth

Machine Learning helps retailers in counting shoppers in a certain space to forecast future store congestion over certain time frames. All real time data obtained may be used for marketing purposes, customer experience or to observe certain trends.

Benefits of QLEAP ENEF

Costs sharing & control

ENEF enhances businesses to establish energy and utilities consumption thresholds. Therefore, once the established consumption limits are exceeded, alerts will be sent and measures can be taken just in time. Also, you can divide all consumption between users, tenants or cost centers.


ENEF monitors resource consumption and supports companies in establishing policies and key performance indicators to improve profit margins, increase customer loyalty and engage employees in reducing resource consumption.

Time saving & automatization

Through standardized and automated processes, meter reading and other technical tasks no longer depend on the intervention of the staff. Possible human errors are avoided and the main focus can be directed to more valuable activities.

Benefits of QLEAP KMR

Ensuring contractual condition

Easily monitor the maintenance history of electronic and mechanical equipment to effectively manage downtime. Our digital solution helps retailers keep track along logistics operations, supply chains, and distribution centers through different geographical areas.

Budget control

The impact of equipment maintenance costs on profits can be highly significant. One of the many benefits of using data obtained through QLEAP KMR is the possibility to review previous expenditure, monitor current budget allocations and plan future investments.

Data visibility

Connecting information related to maintenance operations generates visibility on the performance of one or more locations, while providing precise and timely information on equipment efficiency across the whole supply chain.

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