Optimizing operational processes for ODLO Romania S.R.L.

Sampath De Silva’s

Administrator of ODLO Romania S.R.L.

”We truly believe in a lean manufacturing philosophy as a way of life to reduce waste through continuous improvements to achieve best quality, on time delivery at the right price. We focus on new technologies and ways to digitalize our factories to increase productivity. Working with our partner, Quartz Matrix, has given us the opportunity to solve a problem that prevented us from achieving our productivity goals. Thanks to the QLEAP platform, through the QLEAP KMR solution, our company members manage to identify the downtime of the equipment and increase productivity.

Our client

ODLO was born in Norway and engineered in Switzerland. ODLO offers performance sportswear across 6 categories: Functional Sports Underwear, Outdoor Performance, Running, Cycling, Activewear and Nordic Disciplines. With more than 70 years of heritage, ODLO, the inventor of performance sports underwear and the three-layer principle, continues to innovate always making sure that it stays one step ahead. As a full-year performance brand, ODLO also continues to show strong commitment towards social and environmental sustainability and is proud of its leader status at the Fair Wear Foundation.

ODLO Romania S.R.L. is subsidiary of ODLO International A.G. embarked with lean manufacturing journey since 2020 to ensure best quality, on time delivery at the right price through continuous improvements. ODLO Romania S.R.L. doubled the production capacity over a period of two years and continues to invest in digitalization and sustainability pillars.

The activities carried out by ODLO Romania S.R.L. are based on the sustainability factor. The implementation of technologies and strategies that improve their attention to protecting the environment has managed to help the company attract opportunities in business development from a financial point of view. Members of the organization are motivated to proactively contribute to activities that encourage sustainability.

Due to the involvement of employees in the implementation of sustainability strategies, the company managed to:

  • develop new partnerships to increase the company’s profitability
  • reduce the carbon footprint of the logistics chain – the carbon footprint was reduced significantly for the transport between the Romanian plant and the central warehouse in Bruggen, Germany
  • transform recycled materials into products and packaging.

The customer's challenge

ODLO Romania S.R.L. invests in the continuous improvement of the company. The leap to digital transformation is achieved by investing material resources in digitalization and innovative solutions that promote sustainability.

Based on the determination and the professionalism of the QUARTZ MATRIX team, ODLO Romania S.R.L. was convinced to choose us as partners in optimizing their operational processes in the production facilities and in identifying the non-functional equipment in the production facilities.

The Solution

In order to understand the bottlenecks involved in achieving production performance, Quartz Matrix specialists have proposed implementing the QLEAP KMR solution, designed for maintenance activities and increased equipment performance.

ODLO Romania S.R.L. accelerates the step towards digitalization through the proposed solution and manages to:

  • identify non-functional equipment
  • act just-in-time on non-functional equipment due to real-time notifications
  • properly plan the maintenance activities required for the equipment
  • record the operating hours of the equipment
  • access easily: operation history, technical specifications, and service manual
  • monitor the operating parameters of the equipment.

Connecting devices, data & people

Accelerate digital transformation and achieve sustainability management through our unified platform. Make your path to a fully connected organization and enjoy efficiency and performance at improved costs.




"Things" that transmit data


Annual average energy savings


Annual average energy savings


Prevented tons of CO2


Millions of trees saved

Enable faster time to profitability, growth & specialization.

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