Efficiency, sustainability and continuous improvement for ARCTIC

Daniela Grama

Energy responsible at Arctic

” The QLEAP platform, through the QLEAP ENEF solution, helps us outline an efficient procedure to identify and reduce all utilities consumption in the company. ln addition to the economic benefits, QLEAP ENEF is constantly supporting us in developing the sustainable strategy that our company is strengthening globally “

The Client

Arctic SA is a leading home appliances manufacturer in Romania that supports sustainable development through digitalization. One of the company’s priorities is to achieve the goals that contribute significantly to combating climate change. The company’s investments in innovation have propelled the company to international recognition following the 2021 designation of Ulmi production as one of the most sustainable industry 4.0 plant facility by the World Economic Forum. ln addition to the factory in Dambovita, the company also owns a plant facility in Gaesti, where it manufactures over 38 million refrigerating appliances per year.

Arctic SA is part of Ar elik Group, a group of company that has a lot of plant facilities in Turkey, China, India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Romania. Ar elik Group has over 45.000 employees globally.

Recognized as a leader in the top of domestic brands, Arctic SA demonstrates its performance by being able to export 80% of total production to over 68 countries.

The Challenge

Arctic SA is looking for efficiency, sustainability and continous improvement in their production processes. The company is continuously developing sustainable partnerships with organizations involved in the fight against the climate crisis.

Our commitment in combating climate through digitalization has made Arctic SA choose us as a partner to salve all the challenges that the organization is facing: energy & utilities reduction costs.

The Solution

Our company started the client challenges through an in-depth needs analysis. At the end of analysis, our experts propose the implementation of QLEAP ENEF – a software for identifying and monitoring energy and utility losses, real-time notifications, and cost center view of all consumption. Currently, our has implemented 120 data collection points, through water, gas, and electricity! meters in the plant in Gaesti.

The solution proposed by Quartz Matrix supports Arctic in identifying the loss of significant amounts of energy and utilities. By setting specific KPls, to reduce energy intensity, real-time alerts and notifications are sent when the thresholds are exceeded. Based on the analysis that we made, our client managed to build an effective strategy to fit consumption into the established budgets. Also, the implementation of aur solution helps Arctic SA getting an overview on the atypical consumption for each equipment. The monitoring system QLEAP ENEF allowed the Turkish management to obtain specific information on the performance of the equipment in the plant in Gaesti.

At the same time, the utility management team has been able to act on the variations in consumption and significantly improve final energy and utilities costs. Following the process, they implemented an automated reporting in the platform for identification, calculation of quantity and cost of energy wasted on each machine. This report is used to develop a strategy to raise awareness on the importance of energy efficiency among operators.

Connecting devices, data & people

Accelerate digital transformation and achieve sustainability management through our unified platform. Make your path to a fully connected organization and enjoy efficiency and performance at improved costs.




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Annual average energy savings


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