Continuous operational improvement at LEMET

Relu Brebeanu

Technical Manager at Lemet

“We are satisfied with our leap towards digitalization that we have made with the implementation of the QLEAP KMR solution. Together with our partners at Quartz Matrix we manage to approach digitalization at the highest performance standards. QLEAP KMR allows us to have real time access to data, from any location, enabling easy access for our technicians from their mobile, by simply scanning a QR code.”

The Client

LEMET S.R.L. is an important furniture manufacturer in Romania. The company’s high level of performance is maintained by the 800 employees who transform the furniture industry into an ecosystem of important investments for the continuous development of the business. Through passion and enthusiasm for the production of furniture pieces, the company has developed 10 production lines, with over 100 stores and outlets specialized in the sale of superior quality furniture.

The dynamism and fierce competition in the woodworking market keeps the company focused on long-term investments in the digitalization of operational and production processes in order to succeed in delivering quality products to the company’s customers. Sustainability and protecting the environment are essential elements that underlie the company’s business strategy. LEMET S.R.L. allocates important resources in new technologies and projects in accordance with the European norms of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection.
Thanks to the efforts and time dedicated to the development of eco – friendly production processes, the company manages to:

• Reduce waste and pollution, sort and recycle waste, save water and electricity
• Improve production processes by reducing the amount of waste
• Choose raw materials made from less polluting resources
• Choose packages made from recycled materials

The Challenge

LEMET S.R.L is oriented towards the continuous improvement of operational processes within the company. The organization pursues digitalization and the acquisition of innovative solutions that will develop the organization towards digital transformation of the national and international business environment.
One of Quartz Matrix’s company values is sustainability, and our organization’s mission is to fight the global climate crisis through digitalization. Due to shared sustainability values, LEMET S.R.L chose us as a partner in his digital transformation project.

The Solution

At the end of the analysis carried out by Quartz Matrix’s specialists, we proposed KMR (Keep The Machine Running), integrated in the QLEAP platform, as a solution for the digitalization of operational and production processes.
LEMET S.R.L manages to take the step towards digital transformation through the solution proposed by our company and manages to:

• assign tasks, tickets and requests for technicians without the need of physical documents
• access information from any location via mobile by scanning a QR code
• record the operating hours of the equipment
• plan interventions
• improve equipment performance by performing predictive and preventive maintenance

Connecting devices, data & people

Accelerate digital transformation and achieve sustainability management through our unified platform. Make your path to a fully connected organization and enjoy efficiency and performance at improved costs.




"Things" that transmit data


Annual average energy savings


Annual average energy savings


Prevented tons of CO2


Millions of trees saved

Enable faster time to profitability, growth & specialization.

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