Sustainable Digital Transformation for CONTINENTAL

Gabriel Constantin Tepusi

Facility Team Leader – Security Services Facility Management&ESH / Vehicle Networking and Information 

“QLEAP KMR, the maintenance management solution, allowed us to efficiently optimize the operational processes in our production facility. The implemented system allows us to speed up the step towards sustainable digital transformation and organize activities efficiently: from preventive and predictive maintenance to managing the intervention budget. The flexibility and scalability of the solution allows us to customize the modules according to our specific needs and thus successfully carry out our day-to-day operations, leading to long-term success.”

The Client

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services dedicated to durable and sustainable mobility. The passion for developing innovative solutions has united over 227,000 employees who contribute to the company’s evolution. The organization is guided by the vision of building a better future by making safe, convenient and sustainable products.

Protecting the environment is the core of the company’s development. Continental seeks to invest time and resources in long-term partnerships with organizations that wish to contribute to the achievement of sustainability goals:

• To achieve 100% carbon neutrality in production processes by 2040
• To reduce the use of energy resources & utilities in production and operational processes
• To continue the development of the circular economy in the life cycle of manufactured products


The company’s organizational culture encourages employees to be involved in sustainability projects and promotes a work environment where individual contribution matters. The pillars of the company are marked by 4 values that the members of the organization use to achieve effective results and solutions:

TrustThe Continental team provides trust to employees and reference groups that have interacted with the organization
PerformanceThe Continental team offers products and services that meet the highest quality standards
FreedomThe Continental team promotes flexibility among employees
SolidarityThe Continental team acts globally and centralizes its forces

The Challenge

Continental Romania constantly optimizes its operational and production processes to maintain the organization in the first places in the automotive industry. The company invests in state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture sustainable products in the context of climate change affecting the environment and society.

Quartz Matrix’s involvement in combating climate change through digitization has led the Continental Romania company to choose us as a partner in optimizing the operational processes inside the production facilities.

The Solution

The efficiency of the operational processes in the production facilities of Continental Romania began by studying and thoroughly analyzing the customer’s needs. The proposed solution for the optimization of the company’s processes was achieved through the QLEAP platform and the QLEAP KMR (Keep the Machine Running) solution, for equipment performance and maintenance management.

The needs that Continental Romania identified through the analysis were covered through the modules implemented in the QLEAP KMR solution:

Asset management

The level of operation of the equipment and its lifespan

Inventory management

Stock input/output, equipment location and identification with a QR code

Maintenance management

Planning preventive and predictive maintenance activities

Management of technicians’ activity

Status of activities for each technician

Ticket management

Ticket records and status

Project management

Upload documents into the system

Budget administration

Costs of interventions/consumables/equipment

Car park management

Complete database of motor vehicles

Alerts regarding insurances, revisions or damages

Management of spare parts

Spare parts available in stock

Car fleet management

Specific reports for each vehicle, like mileage, repairs, fuel consumption

Visitor administration

Visit validation with QR code

Facility Management

Control and supervision of physical spaces

Connecting devices, data & people

Accelerate digital transformation and achieve sustainability management through our unified platform. Make your path to a fully connected organization and enjoy efficiency and performance at improved costs.




"Things" that transmit data


Annual average energy savings


Annual average energy savings


Prevented tons of CO2


Millions of trees saved

Enable faster time to profitability, growth & specialization.

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