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User Training

The QLEAP platform is delivered on a turnkey basis, so that the end user has the sole mission of using the features to produce changes in the current business model. All dashboards for users are customized and established hierarchically, with specific access based on role types. From the user to the admin, an internal organizational chart of all team members integrated in the application will be created in order to have a clear visibility of all roles and responsibilities. Both the company's management and the teams involved in maintenance or energy efficiency processes have access to useful learning tools and specialized training for maximum use of all functionalities.

User Guide

Our user guide represents specific documentation that makes it easier for all employees to get value out of all software features, from explanation of product features, product installation and set up process to troubleshooting tips and tricks. Specific guidelines provide direction for all users integrated in The QLEAP Platform to properly use all functionalities. Once you access QLEAP features, you will get access to a manual for the operation and use of the application. This user access to specific documentation can be established depending on the roles you agree internally in the company. The main benefits of having an established documentation guide consists in reducing errors and support dependency.

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