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Needs analysis

Discover the best development opportunities for your business. From the size of the business to the size of the location, from the software to the hardware components. Needs analysis is a critical part of the requirements definition and management process in software integration. The purpose of this internal audit is to make sure that all product specifications represent accurate business needs and requirements. Needs analysis will result in a deliverable that matches stakeholders expectations.

Site survey

Evaluate your specific requirements before technical solution implementation on how to measure, what to measure, where to install and how to obtain relevant and important information for your company. The number of meters and where they need to be installed, or how they are wired represents relevant data in developing a growth plan to get the most out of all the platform's functionalities.

Technical solution analysis

Manage your specific system requirements and the availability to develop and integrate our solution to your business processes. We analyze every technology component on our client’s end that will interact with the platform and create a list of APIs and frameworks that will be integrated in the project. Starting from the product concept and solution architecture to hardware analysis, our specialized team of certified experts can deliver technical studies that can cover a wide range of objective, such as identification of losses (compressed air, electricity, gas, water), the possibility of generating an ROI, identification of critical processes through retrieved sensor data and the solution to integrate into the software different types of communications related to meters and sensors (RS232, 485, CAN OPEN, ETHERNET, PROFINET, MODBUS, etc.)

Platform customization

Adapt the features of the platform to the specific needs of your business to maximize performance, operations and productivity. A tailored software solution will be scalable and will grow along with the evolution of your business. Integrating customized features into your platform allows you to develop new monitoring tools to better manage processes, like: consumption measurement, frequency of data extraction, control options or operational KPIs.

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