Virtual Reality is the today’s technology

Virtual Reality is the today’s technology

During an event dedicated to VR technology organized in Iași by the company Quartz Matrix and HP Inc., the participants answered a series of questions related to the priorities of organizations for the year 2022, the interest in investing in Virtual Reality in the next period, and the main challenges that prevent for now the adoption of VR technology. Representatives with decision-making power from the following fields of activity were present: higher education, industry, IT, health, and transport.

Related to the priorities that the organization it represents has for the year 2022, 31% of the public mentioned process digitization and 29% process automation (RPA). For 20% of participants, cost and staff optimization is a key area for this year, 14% pay a lot of attention to fundraising, and only 6% focus on hybrid work.

Regarding investments in Virtual Reality technologies, 26% want to make such developments in the next year, 36% in the next 2 years, and 38% in the next 5 years. The main barriers preventing a faster implementation are considered in order: lack of funds, technical support, and the reluctance of the company for futuristic technologies.

The event Virtual Reality, technology for today focused on the following objectives: defining virtual reality, testing VR equipment, adopting it in various fields of activity, and ways of using it today. Adrian Ionescu, Enterprise Account Manager at HP Inc., presented the HP Reverb G2 VR equipment whose revolutionary functionalities could be tested live in three different scenarios. Dragoș Silion, AR/VR Technical Creator at ColorfulCoding, then exemplified how close or far (as the case may be) mixed reality technologies are from maturity. The end of the event recorded a unique wine tasting, with the possibility of choosing the assortment of wine from a virtual winery.